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ACMG is proud to provide specialized waterjet cutting services in the industrial and manufacturing industry. Waterjet cutting is a manufacturing process that utilizes a high-pressure stream of water pumped with abrasive material to effectively cut a wide range of materials – from soft materials like rubber to thicker materials such as metal, glass, and stone.

Offering a wide variety of waterjet cutting services, ACMG supports industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, and construction. Our company is celebrated for its cutting-edge waterjet machines and dedicated team of technicians who utilize the power of waterjet cutters to deliver high-quality results for their clients.

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What is waterjet cutting?

Waterjet cutting, also known as abrasive flow machining, services utilize a sophisticated machine that employs a high-pressure pump to eject water, sometimes mixed with abrasive materials, to slice through an extensive range of materials with exceptional precision. ACMG’s waterjet cutting services offer technology that can cut everything from metals such as aluminum and stainless steel to softer materials like plastics, ensuring clean cuts without the heat damage associated with laser cutting or plasma cutting. Ideal for various industrial applications and custom projects, our waterjet cutting services are capable of handling complex shapes, a wide variety of material thicknesses, and ensuring high-quality finishes that meet strict manufacturing tolerances.

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ACMG provides top-tier subcontracting waterjet services across the United States, bringing our advanced technology and machining expertise directly to your business or project. Whether you are involved in the aerospace, automotive, or any other industry requiring precise cuts in materials, ACMG is equipped to offer waterjet cutting services that adhere to the customer’s exact specifications. Our strategically located facilities ensure quick and efficient service, helping to minimize production delays and enhance your manufacturing process. With ACMG, gain a subcontracting partner committed to delivering precision and speed in every cut.

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Ensure superior quality for your next project with the advanced capabilities of ACMG’s waterjet cutting services. Our team is ready to assist with any questions and demonstrate how our waterjet cutting can provide tight tolerances and precise cuts on a wide variety of materials, from metal sheets to composite materials and even thinner materials. Whether you’re working on a prototype or in full-scale production, our cutting-edge waterjet machines are designed to deliver exceptional results with rapid turnaround times.

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The benefits of waterjet cutting with ACMG

ACMG offers leading-edge waterjet cutting services, ensuring precision, versatility, and cost-efficiency that are unmatched in the subcontracting industry. Our advanced waterjet machines are designed to meet the rigorous standards of quality and efficiency demanded by your projects, making us a top choice for a range of industries.

With ACMG’s waterjet technology, you can cut a wide variety of materials ranging from metals like aluminum and stainless steel to softer materials such as plastics and composite materials. This versatility makes our services ideal for a diverse array of industries, including everything from manufacturing to the arts, where different types of materials are commonly used.

Our waterjet cutters deliver precision cuts on materials with tight tolerances, creating smooth, burr-free finishes that typically require no additional machining. The quality of our cutting services ensures that every component produced meets the highest standards, making ACMG a reliable partner for your cutting needs.

Waterjet cutting is a cost-effective solution for machining needs. Our waterjet machines offer quick setup changes between jobs, increasing speed and reducing costs. This operational efficiency allows us to offer competitive pricing and quick turnarounds on projects, from prototypes to full-scale production runs, compared to more traditional machining types. 

ACMG’s waterjet cutting services eliminate the heat affected zone (HAZ), a common issue with laser cutting and plasma cutting. Our cold-cutting technique ensures there is no thermal distortion or material weakening, preserving the integrity of materials such as metal sheets, thicker materials, and harder materials.

Our waterjet cutting process is environmentally friendly, utilizing water and natural abrasive materials, which are safe and non-toxic. This method produces no hazardous fumes or by-products, making it a safer option for machine operators and minimizing environmental impact.

ACMG’s waterjet cutting technology is designed to maximize the use of raw materials. The narrow kerf produced by the waterjet reduces material waste significantly, enabling more efficient use of sheets and reducing overall costs for your business.

Our waterjet cutting services can handle a range of material thicknesses and sizes, suitable for cutting everything from thinner materials to thick metal plates. Whether you require detailed shapes for intricate projects or large components for industrial applications, our machines are equipped to manage various specifications.

ACMG utilizes sophisticated software that integrates seamlessly with our waterjet machines. This flexibility allows for precise adherence to project files, supporting custom cuts and complex shapes, ensuring that your specifications are met with exact precision.

Our waterjet cutting operations offer low risk. Unlike methods involving high temperatures, our cutting process reduces the risk of fire hazards and other safety issues, ensuring a safer work environment and consistent operational uptime.

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Types of waterjet cutting machines

Waterjet cutting machines come in various types to accommodate a wide range of materials and industrial applications. The main categories include pure waterjet machines, ideal for cutting softer materials like rubber or textiles, and abrasive waterjet machines, which are used for cutting harder materials such as metals and stone. These machines can vary greatly in size and capabilities, from models suitable for smaller projects and prototypes to larger machines designed for manufacturing large-scale parts. Some waterjet cutters are equipped for simple 2D cutting, while others offer advanced 3D cutting with multi-axis capabilities, including dual heads and robotic arms for enhanced speed and efficiency.

What materials can be cut using waterjet cutting machines?

Waterjet cutting services are exceptionally versatile, capable of processing almost any type of material with high quality and precision. This includes metals such as aluminum and stainless steel, as well as tougher materials like titanium and other steels. Waterjet machines can also effectively cut through stone, ceramics, glass, and a variety of plastic materials. 

This method is particularly valuable in industries where the material thickness varies or where precision cutting of delicate or harder materials is critical. The ability to cut a wide range of materials without material waste or thermal distortion makes waterjet cutting a preferred choice for many sectors, including aerospace and automotive.

What are the techniques of waterjet cutting?

Waterjet cutting employs several advanced techniques to enhance its capabilities and suit a wide variety of industrial needs. These techniques include:

  • Stack Cutting: Efficient for high-volume production, this technique involves stacking multiple layers of raw materials and cutting them simultaneously.
  • Piercing: Waterjet machines can create precise holes with smooth finishes, ideal for materials prone to cracking.
  • Bevel Cutting: Advanced waterjet cutters can cut at various angles, facilitating easier assembly and welding processes.
  • 3D Cutting: Utilizing 5-axis cutting technology, waterjets can produce complex shapes in three dimensions, maintaining high precision and speed.

What materials can be cut using waterjet cutting machines?

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How does waterjet cutting work?

Waterjet cutting is a highly efficient and precise method of slicing through a variety of materials using a high-pressure stream of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The process begins with a powerful pump that generates a high-pressure stream, which can reach pressures up to 90,000 psi. This stream is then directed through a small nozzle to concentrate the water flow at high speeds, enabling it to cut through materials from soft plastics to thicker metals with precision. For harder materials such as steels or composite materials, an abrasive material, typically garnet, is added to enhance the cutting power. This advanced machining process is controlled by CNC software, which guides the waterjet machine along specified paths based on digital files, ensuring tight tolerances and repeat precision cuts.

Which is better: waterjet cutting or laser cutting?

Choosing between waterjet cutting and laser cutting services depends on the specifics of your project, such as the variety of materials involved, the precision required, and overall cost-effectiveness. Here’s a comparison:

  • Material Versatility: Waterjet cutting excels in versatility, capable of handling a wide range of materials including metals like aluminum and stainless steel, composites, plastics, and even rubber. Laser cutting is effective for thinner materials like metal sheets and certain plastics but struggles with thicker materials and materials sensitive to heat.
  • Precision and Quality: While laser cutting achieves extremely high precision with a narrow kerf, ideal for producing precision cuts in thinner materials, waterjet cutting offers no heat-affected zone (HAZ), crucial for maintaining the quality and integrity of heat-sensitive materials.
  • Cutting Thickness: Waterjet machines excel at cutting thicker materials, capable of handling material thicknesses that laser cutting machines simply cannot match, making it ideal for a broader scope of industrial applications.
  • Cost and Speed: Laser cutting tends to be faster and more cost-effective for thinner materials, particularly suitable for high-volume manufacturing. Waterjet cutting, though slower, is more effective for diverse project needs, especially when cutting thicker or heat-sensitive materials, and offers tight tolerances.

Depending on the project details, either waterjet or laser cutting could be the superior method, each bringing specific strengths to different applications.


What cannot be cut by ACMG’s waterjet cutting services?

Despite its extensive capabilities, there are a few materials and conditions where waterjet cutting is not practical or safe:

  1. Tempered Glass: Waterjet cutters can handle most glass types, but tempered glass is an exception, as the high-pressure jet can cause it to shatter due to internal stresses.
  2. Certain Ceramics: Some high-density ceramics designed for extreme durability may resist being cut by even the most powerful abrasive waterjet machines.
  3. Diamond: The hardest material, diamond, cannot be effectively cut by waterjet due to its extreme hardness and density.
  4. Very Thin Materials: Materials like thin foils might be problematic for waterjet cutting as the high-pressure water can deform rather than cut cleanly.
  5. Hazardous Materials: Materials that could release toxic fumes or are dangerous to cut, such as certain plastics, are generally avoided in waterjet cutting operations to prevent material waste and ensure safety.


Is waterjet cutting near me available?

ACMG provides extensive waterjet cutting services across the United States, ensuring access to high-quality, precision cutting solutions near your business. With multiple facilities and a robust network of service providers, ACMG offers quick and efficient waterjet cutting services tailored to meet the specific needs of your projects. Whether your focus is on small prototypes or large-volume production runs, our waterjet machines are designed to handle a wide variety of materials with unmatched precision and cost-effectiveness. To learn more about our capabilities in your area, contact us or visit our website to locate the nearest ACMG facility.