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At Alpha Contract Manufacturing Group (ACMG), we pride ourselves on offering superior metal drilling services across a variety of industries. Our comprehensive and extensive range of products and services can cater to any project requirement.

ACMG boasts a wide range of drilling machines, capable of drilling deep holes in different metal materials including stainless steel, iron, copper, and alloys. Whether it’s ejector drilling, center drilling, or beam drills, we have the equipment and experienced staff to handle it.

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High precision drilling

Our team is well-versed in creating precise holes, irrespective of shapes or models. Using advanced technology and high-quality drill bits, we ensure every piece of metal we work on is drilled to perfection.

Catering to a wide variety of Industries

Our drilling services are sought after in various industries, from construction projects to metal fabrication and manufacturing. Our clients trust us as a reliable supplier of metal components, thanks to our capacity to work with a variety of materials and deliver on time.

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At ACMG, we employ a complex yet cost-efficient drilling process, utilizing high-speed metal drilling machines for a complete metal drilling solution. Our range of services includes everything from Deep Hole Drilling to CNC Drilling Services, allowing us to handle any drilling job with utmost precision and efficiency.

Unmatched metal drilling specifications and capacity

Our tools and drilling skills are designed for accuracy. With conventional drills and specialized deep-hole drilling methods, we can drill accurate holes and perform center drilling with unparalleled precision. Whether you need drilled holes in mild steel or holes in steel, we can deliver to industry standard specifications.

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Metal drilling services with a customer-centric approach

Our friendly team of experts is always ready to assist our customers. They guide you through the design process, providing a complete machining process that fits your project needs. It’s this approach that has cemented us as the biggest metal drilling shop offering reliable drilling services.

Competitive pricing

We are proud to offer all our services, including our comprehensive range of drilling capabilities, at competitive pricing. This makes us the go-to provider for businesses looking for a cost-effective and complete drilling service.

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ACMG - beyond metal drilling services

Our services extend beyond drilling. We are a complete manufacturer, offering metal fabrication services that produce high-quality metal components. Moreover, our secondary services like powder coating ensure finished products without sharp edges, ready for use in a range of industries.

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Do you need a pilot hole for metal?

Yes, when drilling metal, a pilot hole is typically required. This preliminary smaller hole helps guide the main drill and reduces the risk of the drill bit wandering or breaking.

What is a metal drill called?

A drill specifically designed for penetrating metal is often referred to as a twist drill. This type of drill, also known as a drill bit, is a cutting tool used in the drilling process.

What metal can be drilled?

Almost all metals can be drilled, given the right tools and technique. This includes a variety of metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and iron.

What is metal drilling?

Metal drilling is a specific machining process. It involves using a specialized drill bit to cut a hole of circular cross-section into various types of solid metals.

Is it better to drill a pilot hole in metal?

Yes, it is generally better to drill a pilot hole in metal. This initial smaller hole can guide the larger drill bit and prevent potential damage to the material, ensuring a clean, precise hole.

How big a pilot hole should I drill in metal?

The size of the pilot hole should be smaller than the final hole. A common rule of thumb is for the pilot hole diameter to match the diameter of the lead of the final size drill bit.

Why can’t I drill through metal?

If you’re having trouble drilling through metal, it may be due to several factors. This could be a result of using the wrong type of drill bit, an incorrect drilling speed, or not applying enough pressure during the drilling process.

What is the best drill bit to drill metal?

High-speed steel (HSS) drill bits are commonly used for drilling metals due to their durability. For harder metals like stainless steel, cobalt or carbide-tipped bits may be more effective.

Can you drill metal with a hand drill?

Yes, metal can be drilled with a hand drill. However, it requires the right type of drill bit for the specific metal, and proper technique is necessary to achieve the best results.

What metals cannot be drilled?

While most metals can be drilled with the right tools, extremely hard metals such as hardened steel or certain titanium alloys may require specialized drill bits or machinery.

What is the hardest drill for metal?

Carbide-tipped drill bits are generally considered the hardest and most durable. These bits are particularly effective for drilling into very hard metals.

What material can’t be drilled?

Very hard materials, such as certain types of hardened steel and some ceramics, might require specialized drilling equipment or techniques to penetrate effectively.

What are the three types of drilling?

The three primary types of drilling are twist drilling, deep hole drilling, and center drilling. Each type is suited to different applications and materials.

How do you drill metal into metal?

To drill metal into metal, you need to use a suitable metal drill bit, apply appropriate pressure, and use steady, even strokes. The process often begins with a pilot hole to guide the drill and ensure accuracy.

Can hammer drill drill metal?

Yes, a hammer drill can drill into metal, but it should be used without the hammer function. The hammering action is not suitable for metal and could cause damage. Instead, use the drill’s regular rotational drilling mode.