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Alpha Contract Manufacturing Group (ACMG)  offers high-quality metal drilling services across a variety of industries. Our comprehensive and extensive range of products and services can cater to any project requirement.

Our industrial partners boast a wide range of drilling machines, capable of drilling deep holes in different metal materials including stainless steel, iron, copper, and alloys. Whether it’s ejector drilling, center drilling, or beam drills, we have the equipment and experienced staff to handle it.

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Our Metal Drilling Process And Capabilities

We employ a cost-efficient drilling process, utilizing high-speed metal drilling machines: Our range of drilling services allows us to handle any drilling job with utmost precision and efficiency.

CNC metal drilling utilizes computerized controls and multi-axis heads for precise hole creation in metals like aluminum, steel, and exotic alloys. This automated process ensures high accuracy and repeatability, ideal for complex, high-volume projects.

Our counterbore services enhance structural and aesthetic integrity by enlarging the top part of holes, allowing bolt heads to sit flush with the metal surface, creating strong, seamless joints.

Countersinking creates a conical cut at a hole’s top, enabling fasteners to sit flush or below the metal surface. This process improves both the visual finish of the bolt and functional performance of metal parts.

Metal reaming refines drilled holes to precise diameters and smooth finishes, essential for tight tolerances and perfect part fit in assemblies.

Metal tapping cuts internal threads in drilled holes, allowing for assembly with threaded fasteners. This process ensures precise thread spacing and depth for durable, robust mechanical structures.

Metal milling removes metal to shape parts with high precision using rotary cutters. This versatile process accommodates various geometries, finishes, and metal types, suitable for detailed industrial applications.

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Our team of experts is always ready to assist our customers. They guide you through the design process, providing a complete machining process that fits your project needs. Subcontract our metal drilling needs to Alpha Contract Manufacturing Group.

Advanced Capabilities with a Wide Variety of Metals and Alloys

Alpha’s industrial partners are equipped to handle a diverse range of metals and alloys, ensuring high-quality results for various industrial applications.

  • Aluminum: Our drilling techniques are adapted to aluminum’s softness, ensuring clean, precise holes without compromising the material’s integrity.
  • Steel and Stainless Steel: Our processes are designed to penetrate these tough materials efficiently, maintaining accuracy and minimizing wear on drill bits, crucial for maintaining the strength and durability of the components.
  • Cooper: Our precise drilling services cater to copper’s softer, malleable nature, ensuring accurate holes that facilitate effective connections without damaging the metal’s conductive properties.

Why Subcontract Your Metal Drilling To Alpha Contract Manufacturing Group?

Competitive Pricing

We are proud to offer all our services, including our comprehensive range of drilling capabilities, at competitive pricing. This makes us the go-to provider for businesses looking for a cost-effective and complete drilling service.

Unmatched Metal Drilling Specifications And Capacity

Our tools and drilling skills are designed for accuracy. With conventional drills and specialized deep-hole drilling methods, we can drill accurate holes and perform center drilling with unparalleled precision. Our team is well-versed in creating precise holes, irrespective of shapes or models. Using advanced technology and high-quality drill bits, we ensure every piece of metal we work on is drilled to perfection.

Catering To A Wide Variety Of Industries

Our drilling services are sought after in various industries, from construction projects to metal fabrication and manufacturing. Our clients trust us as a reliable supplier of metal components, thanks to our capacity to work with a variety of materials and deliver on time.

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Ready to start your project? Contact our team today. Our customer service representatives are ready to discuss your needs and how our drilling services can benefit your operations.

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ACMG - Beyond Metal Drilling Services

Our services extend beyond drilling. We are a complete manufacturer, offering metal transformation services that produce high-quality metal components. Moreover, our secondary services like powder coating ensure finished products without sharp edges, ready for use in a range of industries.

Contact our drilling personnel for your drilling needs. Our team is ready to showcase their drilling experience, from counter-rotating drilling to milling, ensuring your project is in capable hands. Trust in ACMG’s reliable drilling services – your provider of a comprehensive range of metal drilling solutions.