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Alpha Contract Manufacturing (ACMG) is the premier provider of electrocoating services in Chicago, known for delivering superior quality, durability, and finish. Specializing in applying uniform, corrosion-resistant coatings to metal, plastic and composite surfaces, ACMG serves a diverse range of industries including automotive, heavy machinery, and outdoor furniture.

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The Excellence of E-Coating Services in the Market

While ACMG does not directly offer E-coating services, the industry standard underscores the importance of quality E-coating solutions. Combining the versatility of powder coating methods with the precision of the E-coat process ensures a premium finish. Prioritizing both cost-effectiveness and quality is paramount.

Delve Deeper into the Distinctiveness of E-coating.

Our e-coating services

E-coat application across industries

  • Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, ACMG’s e-coating process is critical for applying a protective coating that offers excellent corrosion protection. This process ensures that every part of a vehicle, from the body to its smallest accessory, receives a complete coverage layer of resin that withstands corrosion, humidity, and heat energy.
  • Electrical Components: We enhance the durability and electrical activity of components through a chemical reaction that bonds the paint film to the substrate, protecting against environmental damage.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Our coatings defend outdoor furniture against UV light and weather conditions, thanks to our comprehensive wet paint finishing process that includes immersion, cleaning, and curing in a bake oven for a durable finish.
  • Heavy Equipment: For heavy machinery, ACMG provides layers of protection against wear and corrosion, critical for maintaining the equipment’s integrity and functionality under extreme conditions.
  • High-Tech Applications: Supporting high-tech industries, we offer coatings that provide electrical insulation, manage heat transfer, and meet specific aesthetic demands with a broad spectrum of color options.

Wide range of materials

  1. Metals (Steel, Aluminium, Metal Alloys): Our e-coating and powder coating services are ideal for various metals, enhancing their durability and corrosion resistance.
  2. Plastic and Composite Substrates: ACMG is adept at coating non-metal materials, ensuring they are fortified against environmental stresses.
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Why should manufacturers consider e-coat for their products?

The e-coating process used by Alpha offers:

Our electrocoating process delivers excellent corrosion protection, thanks to a uniform coating that results from the precise application of electrical charges in a paint bath. The finished product exhibits a high-quality appearance with complete coverage.

Utilizing an electrical current ensures a consistent paint film thickness across the entire surface of the product, reaching even the most complex geometries without sagging or running.

With our advanced coating process, clients can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing for full customization to meet branding and aesthetic requirements.

The efficiency of our e-coating process significantly reduces excess paint and waste, offering an economical solution for manufacturers.

Our e-coating services use water-based solutions and fewer harmful chemicals, making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional paint methods.

Industrial painting alternatives offered by ACMG in Chicago

In the E-coat process, metals typically undergo an in-depth pretreatment stage using organic compounds and specific chemicals. This phase ensures the enhancement of paint adhesion and increased resistance against a range of environmental conditions.

For specific requirements, our liquid paint services offer flexibility in application techniques and are capable of delivering a smooth, high-quality finish.

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What is E-Coating?

E-Coating, short for electrocoating, is an advanced coating process that uses electrical charges to deposit paint particles onto a metal surface. This innovative method provides a uniform, durable layer of paint across every nook and cranny of the object being coated, ensuring complete coverage and protection.

E-Coating is widely favored for its excellent corrosion protection, uniform thickness, and efficient use of materials. It’s particularly popular in the automotive industry for coating vehicle bodies and parts, but its applications extend to electrical components, outdoor furniture, heavy equipment, and any metal items requiring durable, protective coatings.

What is the cost of subcontracting your e-coating needs?

When exploring the financial considerations of subcontracting your e-coating needs in Chicago, Alpha Contract Manufacturing (ACMG) breaks down the investment into several key factors. The cost of e-coating services is intricately linked to the preparatory and processing steps involved in the electrocoating procedure, which includes the utilization of an electric current to adhere paint particles uniformly across the metal surface. This involves:

  • Preparation and Processing: The initial stages of cleaning, pretreatment, and immersion in a paint bath, followed by post rinses to ensure the metal surface is optimally prepared for coating adherence.
  • E-Coating Process Efficiency: Leveraging electrical charges in the e-coating process to ensure a uniform coating of paint particles, thereby minimizing excess paint and optimizing the use of materials.
  • Type of E-Coat Material: The choice between cathodic, acrylic, or anodic e-coat materials can influence cost due to differences in the chemicals and properties of each coating solution.
  • Volume Considerations: Bulk processing can impact pricing, with volume discounts potentially lowering the overall cost per unit.

ACMG provides transparent and competitive pricing tailored to the specifics of your project, ensuring a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. For a detailed estimate tailored to your project’s unique requirements, we encourage direct consultation with our team.


What are different e-coating options available?

We offer a spectrum of e-coating options to Chicago manufacturing companies, each designed to enhance the durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic value of various products. Each e-coating process is distinguished by its unique properties and applications:

Cathodic Epoxy E-Coats

Characterized by their exceptional corrosion protection and resilience, cathodic epoxy e-coats create a protective layer of resin that shields the substrate from chemical and environmental damage. This coating is particularly effective for applications in the automotive industry and industrial metal products, where a high degree of protection against corrosion and humidity is essential.

Acrylic E-Coats

Acrylic e-coats are prized for their UV resistance and ability to maintain color and gloss over time, making them ideal for outdoor applications and any setting where the visual appeal is paramount. This type of e-coating ensures that products remain vibrant and resistant to light-induced aging.

Anodic Epoxy E-Coats

These coatings are known for their strong adhesion and versatile protective capabilities, suitable for a wide range of substrates. Anodic epoxy e-coats provide a solid layer of defense against wear, while also accommodating decorative needs with a variety of finish options. They are commonly used for interior components and items requiring a blend of aesthetic and protective qualities.