Metal Spinners

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Industrial contracting of Steel sheet bending machine

Alpha Contract Manufacturing - Leading industrial outsourcing

With hundreds of active customers and thousands of parts and finished products manufactured on a daily basis, the Alpha Contract Manufacturing Group (ACMG) offers a reliable and complete outsourcing service, adapted to the real needs of today’s manufacturers.

Contract manufacturing services offered in Boston

Industrial painter

We are aware that the specifications  of the coating are directly dependent on the properties of the application surfaces, whether at the level of the powder paint or the liquid paint. This is why ACMG offers a turnkey service…

Industrial automation

ACMG offers automation and robotization for your factories, in order to optimize your production processes and performance using state-of-the-art equipment.

Wood processing

Whether small or large volume, ACMG has everything it takes to take charge of all stages of all first, secondary and third wood processing, with great concern for quality…

Industrial rubber

In order to reduce the manufacturing time of your molded rubber parts, ACMG can have the molds manufactured directly in the factory. A simple and effective method, this turnkey operation ensures rapid execution and peace of mind from design to delivery of your parts…

Composite & Plastic manufacturing

Being an area that requires a lot of expertise, composites and plastics manufacturers must be able to answer all customer questions. This is why you can trust the ACMG team regarding your design and manufacturing projects…


For all your needs in terms of electromechanical components, from wiring to fully assembled panels, including lighting and medical equipment, our engineers and technicians will assist and advise you in any projects. 

Metal processing

In order to meet all the needs in metal processing for an industrial clientele, it is necessary to have a whole combination of skills. This is precisely the specialty of ACMG; turnkey expertise that generates concrete results for manufacturing businesses

Industrial welding

Considering that welding is a complex process that requires great expertises it’s necessary to contact professionals in the field to ensure a great job on your project. Our industrial welding outsourcing services will be able to meet all your needs. Whether your project requires GTAW, SMAW, FCAW or any other type of welding, we have the team that you need to ensure a great result and a turnkey experience…

Reduce or maintain your current operating costs

Reducing operating costs is one of the key benefits of outsourcing industrial services. Businesses can benefit from their economies of scale and lower cost structures by partnering with service providers. Particularly for businesses operating in nations with high energy costs or under additional financial strain, this might lead to considerable cost savings.

Companies can also benefit from contract manufacturing by being able to produce goods and services with greater efficiency and speed. This can help them to stay competitive, increase their profits and reduce their time to market. Contract manufacturing can also provide access to new markets, allowing companies to expand their reach and increase their customer base without building a new production facility.

Industrial powder painting
Best Industrial Contract Manufacturing

Focus on what really matters for your business

Businesses can increase their emphasis on strategy, relationships, core skills and streamline operations with the aid of outsourcing. Businesses can free up time and resources to concentrate on their core business functions by outsourcing non-essential business operations to contractors with the right technical expertise. Customer satisfaction levels may rise as a result of this.

Gain access to expertise and knowledge

Contract manufacturing allows businesses to benefit from the expertise of the manufacturer, as well as their resources, without the need for large investments. Contract manufacturers offered advantages such as:

  • Experience and knowledge in different areas of production, ranging from product design and development to production and post-production. This experience and knowledge allow them to provide businesses with expertise that they may not have internally.
  • This includes access to specialized equipment, a larger production capacity, and a more efficient production process.

In short, contract manufacturing can provide businesses with numerous benefits, including access to expertise, resources, and cost savings. By outsourcing production to a contract manufacturer, company’s can focus on their core business and take advantage of the expertise and resources of the manufacturer.